Fitness Links

Odessa College Sports Center:
Community Recreation
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Athletic Facilities

Music City Mall:
Beat the heat!  Walk the Music City Mall to meet your 30 For 30 Fitness Challenge.  The distance around the mall is 9/10’s of a mile, when you stick to the right side wall including the off-shoot hallways.

Odessa Parks and Recreation:
Click here for Parks in Odessa

UTPB Walk/Jog & Bike Trails:
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Desert Dash:
Hosted by Medical Center Hospital, Saturday November 8, 2014 at 8am.

A few of our favorite nutrition sites:

Food Babe - Vani Hari teaches people how to live an organic lifestyle no matter where they live in this over-processed world. Vani’s investigates what is really in our food supply and then shares this information with others so that they too can make informed purchasing decisions in the grocery store aisle.

The Perennial Plate – This is not your typical Nutrition site, but a full-on sustainable eating experience. This is livable nutrition knowledge: an online weekly documentary series with Chef and Activist, Daniel Klein, exploring “adventurous eating” and “the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system.”

Sean Flanagan Fitness & Nutrition – Sean Flanagan’s work as a wellness and nutrition coach is inspired by the idea that human beings are not fundamentally flawed. Sean’s no-nonsense approach to guiding clients towards truly nourishing diets and lives is refreshing — and does not require following 10,000 “food rules”.

Fitness and Nutrition Apps…… (share your favorite apps with fellow participants on the 30 for 30 Facebook page)

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