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OC, through the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management, provides accessible, quality support services consistent with the mission of OC.  In addition to facilitating the enrolment and payment processes for prospective and current students, the division provides students with learning frameworks and learning support, and provides life, leadership and development opportunities proven to contribute to student success and completion.

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The following is a description of the services provided by OC through the Division of Student Services & Enrollment Management. The services, programs, and activities provided by the division are divided among the following areas: Recruitment/Outreach, Enrollment Services, Student Completion, and Student Life.


Recruitment/Outreach provides off-site assistance to residents in the College's service area. Outreach Specialists distribute enrollment, financial aid, and program information; promote the College through presentations at schools and community agencies; and assist prospective students with their transition into the College by helping to complete enrollment and financial aid processes. Outreach Specialists maintain a unique relationship with community agency representatives, high school counselors, and other school district personnel to ensure that they are providing the most efficient and effective service possible.


Enrollment Services is comprised of the Wrangler Express Center, Student Financial Services, and the Call Center. The Wrangler Express Center is dedicated to providing valuable resources and referral information to prospective and current students. The Wrangler Express Center serves as a one-stop location to call, visit, and obtain answers to questions about the College. New college students and their families are referred to the Wrangler Express Center to complete the admissions application and proceed with the enrollment and payment processes. The staff provides direction and guidance to ensure the students' first experience at the College is positive and worthwhile.

Student Financial Services provides support to students seeking financial assistance in order to meet their higher education and career goals.  Student Financial Services administers more than ten-million dollars ($10,000,000) in student aid programs through federal and state aide, institutional and third party scholarships as well as loans to students, and provides financial assistance to all eligible students making Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress toward a degree. Applications are accepted year-around but non-federal programs are awarded on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted.  Students may access financial aid information either in person at the office or via the department's webpage: /dept/financial/.

The Call Center is oftentimes the first point of contact for students and community members who contact the college via telephone, email, and online chat. The Call Center serves as a first-call resolution center for all student services-related calls - increasing communication and access to students taking on campus or online courses.


Student Completion is comprised of the Help Center, Transfer & Career Center, Student Success Center, Veteran's Affairs and Special Populations (disability support services).  Each department plays a critical role in student success and completion by providing support and assistance from admissions to completion, transfer and placement.  The OC Help Center provides Student Success Coaching to OC students by assigning students randomly by the last digit of their student ID into nine cohort teams.  Students are provided with academic advising, degree planning and support and encouragement while they work on attaining their goals.  Student Success coaches provide general information about degree and program requirements, and play an active role in campus based academic and personal growth workshops as well as behavioral/crisis intervention and referral.  Assistance is free and confidential.  Additionally, Student Success Coaches teach Strategies for Success, a one hour learning frameworks course designed to help students improve skills for academic achievement. COLL 0171 is an institutional requirement for all first time college students who have not completed twelve credit hours but who are enrolled in at least three credit hours. Students must successfully complete COLL 0171 (C or better) or must re-enroll the following semester. Courses are offered on campus and online.

The office of Special Populations promotes equitable access to college programs, resources, activities, and events for all students, faculty, staff, administrators and the community without barriers. For students with disabilities, reasonable accommodations are made that allow the individual student to be successful at the College. Accommodations are provided for those students who submit the appropriate documentation by an outside independent professional evaluator or agency.  Services and provisions provided include, but are not limited to: sign language interpreters, registration assistance, and tutoring.  Additional accommodations may include coursework modification such as un-timed testing, oral testing, substitution of assignments and any other accommodations/modifications deemed necessary due to a documented disability.

The Transfer and Career Center provides current and former students with career planning and transfer assistance.  Transfer services are provided for students who are interested in receiving information about colleges and universities. This includes information regarding majors, admission requirements, financial aid, scholarships, campus housing, college costs, and application deadlines. Transfer activities are coordinated to provide students an opportunity to meet with representatives from regional, state and national universities. The Career Center provides assistance for students who need help clarifying their interests, abilities and values in order to identify possible career options. Academic, vocational, and life experiences are discussed as students are guided through the career planning process. Assessments are available. Students enrolled in online courses at OC are eligible for the same Career Assessment and interpretive report that on-campus students may secure and will be eligible for job board listings for employment searches.  The College provides students with access to a Career Coach and Focus 2 Career, online career inventory services The Center provides valuable information for online students via the homepage: /dept/counseling/career.htm.


The Student Success Center provides quality academic assistance and services to assist students in meeting their personal, academic and/or occupational goals. Services include academic tutoring, study skills training, assistance with web-based courses, and many other services that promote and enhance the learning process. Services offered in the Center are developed and offered for online students, and are provided at no additional cost to students.  All Center tutors are required to successfully complete the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certification training within the first fiscal year of their appointment. Additionally, the Student Success Center Help Desk provides online and on campus assistance with college email as well as Blackboard and student portal navigation.  Finally, the Student Success Center coordinates the following learner support programs:

Project TIE (Transition in Education):  providing assistance to individuals who have made a commitment to register for online and/or traditional classes at OC. Through this project, anyone within six months of registering for classes who has an expressed intent to register at OC is eligible for test preparation and remediation as well as personal and academic skills workshops.

Peer Mentoring Program:  providing students with the opportunity to connect with another OC student who has similar academic interests and goals. Mentors are well aware of campus resources, and they are a valuable resource for OC students.  Peer mentoring is offered online and on campus.

Online Tutoring:  providing tutoring and learning support via the Blackboard platform.  Smarthinking is also offered for online tutoring.

Supplemental Online Instruction:  offering online supplemental instruction services to supplement various courses at OC as deemed necessary.

Study Skills Training and Assistance:  Students enrolled in web courses at OC have access to study skills information and assistance online via the SLC website.  The SLC has developed an online study skills class for training web students via the Blackboard platform.  This allows students to have access to multi-media study skills resources, lessons and interactive content to assist them with academic preparedness and improvement efforts.  Students enrolled in online courses may avail themselves of this service by calling or emailing the SLC for access. 


The Office of Student Life is to offer a rich student involvement experience for OC students that include campus life activities, campus and community involvement, and residence life. Departments within Student Life include Student Activities & Intramurals and Student Housing.

OC is committed to the co-curricular and social development of its students.  Students at OC enjoy participating in a wide range of activities.  Events include social activities, service-learning, speaking engagements, cultural observances, and academic programs.  A number of student organizations are also available in which students can get involved and be engaged on campus.  Organizations range from leadership groups such as Student Government Association to the academic honor society Phi Theta Kappa to cultural-based and social groups.  Students are encouraged to create new organizations that will add to the diversity and breadth of involvement opportunities.

Intramural (IM) sport programming is also offered each semester through Student Activities, and students are encouraged to participate as individuals or to form teams.  IM sport options include basketball, flag football, volleyball, indoor/outdoor soccer, disc golf, and more.

OC students enrolled at least half-time are eligible to live in campus residence halls.  The most affordable housing solution for single students, campus residence halls feature laundry rooms, study and internet labs, recreation areas, barbecue areas and a swimming pool.  All students living in the residence halls are automatically provided a meal plan for the campus cafeteria which ensures students have balanced eating options throughout the year.  In-hall educational and social programming are provided regularly.

The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is to provide a proactive and supportive multidisciplinary team approach to prevention, assessment, and intervention of situations or individuals that may pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of the campus community.  The BIT is chaired by the Director of Student Life and meets regularly to discuss student cases and recommend appropriate courses of action to keep distraught students on a continued path to success.  It is a primary goal of the BIT to assist students, faculty, and staff with early interventions to not infringe upon the learning environment any more than necessary.  The BIT also makes recommendations to the campus and other personnel which may improve the physical and emotional health for all students.

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