2012 UIL Region 1 AA - One-Act Play Contest

Contest Results
School Play
1A - Tulia HS sf Full Circle
1B - Muleshoe HS sf Romeo and Juliet
2A -  Sonora HS sf Epic Proportions
2B -  Stanton HS sf Suite Surrender
3A -  Tuscola: Jim Ned HS sf All My Sons
3B -  Wall HS sf Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyl and Hyde Play
Contest Information: The Contest is held at:  

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Odessa College
Deaderick Hall Auditorium
201 W. University
Odessa  TX 79762
Admission Charge:

$5.00 for adults
$3.00 for students and senior citizens
(age 55 and older)

Tickets are provided for participants and directors.

Program: 2012 Contest Program    -  powerpoint  version
2012 Contest Program    -  pdf  version

Director's Information: Director's Packet
The Director's meeting is at 7:30pm Thursday.

Schedules: Rehearsal Schedule and Worksheet
Performance Schedule
Performance Worksheet
Prior Contests: Please Note: Prior to 2009, Odessa College hosted Region I AAA. Starting in 2009, Odessa College is hosting Region I AA contest.
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