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Program Policies

It is the goal of this department to be the # 1 cosmetology school in the State of Texas therefore we believe the following issues be addressed. Our Instructor’s are here for you. Please grant them the same respect you wish to be granted. These policies have been derived from the OC Student Handbook and from the TDLR rulebook.

  • Attendance-must maintain a minimum of 90%
  • Theory Grades -70%
  • Skill Sheets -70%
  • Attendance=20%
  • Partcipation=20%
  • Theory/Assignments=20%
  • Skill Sheets=20%
  • St. Board Work=20%

Important: Our School Day is from 7:30am-5:30pm MTWTH
Friday is used for Make-up time 8:00-12:00pm


Designated breaks:

  • Morning: 15 minutes between 10 and 11am
  • Lunch: 12 noon—1pm
  • Afternoon: 15 minutes between 2 and 3pm

Breaks and lunches may vary due to lab/client assignments. It is the students’ responsibility to complete work on clients before a student takes a break or leaves for lunch. As a courtesy, students not going to be attending class that day need to call the school before 8:15am or 12:30pm to allow appointments and assignments to be adjusted.

Theory Assignments


All theory assignments are due on the same day. If you are absent it is your responsibility to ask the instructor for those assignments. If you are absent you will have one day to complete and turn in that assignment, unless otherwise agreed upon by the department chair. No late work will be accepted unless otherwise agreed upon by the department chair.

TDLR rule 83.72 (n) Schools may establish school rules of operation and conduct, including rules relating to absences and clothing, that do not conflict with this chapter.

  • Compliance- All students must comply with Odessa College Cosmetology rules and regulations as well as the rules and regulations of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. This includes although is not limited to dress code and bringing children and or pets to school.
  • In accordance with the OC Student Handbook fighting, hazing or harassment and other harsh offenses to students and or instructor’s will not be tolerated. These are grounds for immediate termination from the program.
  • Punctuality- Students must be at stations and ready for assignments no later than 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Students not clocked in or not in the work area by the designated lab times must wait until the next lab session to clock in.
  • Punctuality- All students with less than 1000 clock hours and those not having taken and passed the State Board Written Examination must attend theory class. Once a student reaches 1300 clock hours are asked to begin completing a minimum of 3 State Board grade-outs.
  • Any student, who misses as much as 10 % of scheduled class time in any given semester, should review his/ her standing in the class with the instructor and department chair to determine whether to continue with the class or withdraw. This means you cannot be absent more than 6 days per semester.
  • Punctuality- Students are allotted 2 fifteen minute breaks a day plus the lunch hour.
  • Here at Odessa College Cosmetology we do have a dress code. Closed heel, closed sides and closed toe shoes must be worn. Clean black ¾ length lab coat with sleeves. Students must have lab jackets or smocks on and buttoned or zipped before clocking in. Students must leave smocks on and buttoned or zipped as long as they are on the time clock.
  • No vulgar or profane language is allowed.
  • Supplies left in the lab after a student is not in attendance will be disposed of after 2 weeks. Students are responsible for personal supplies.
  • Do not leave the building without informing the instructors.
  • Students not working on assigned customers must be working on written work, testing on the computer or working on mannequin for skill sheets.
  • Students who are assigned customers are not allowed to refuse service to that customer or trade customers or services with other students.
  • Student attendance is of utmost importance. If students are going to be absent for any reason, the department chair must be notified.
  • No Cell Phones are allowed in the labs. Cell Phones must be kept on vibrate. If a student must accept a call or make one, students need to leave the lab in order to do so.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have difficult situations which require consequences; our academic disciplinary agenda is as follows:

  • 1st offense: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd offense: You will be asked to clock out and leave the campus
  • 3rd offense: Conference with the Department Chair
  • 4th offense: Possible removal from the program
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