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What to Recycle & Where

Please do not bring your items from home at this time. We are not yet at a point in which we are able to accommodate that volume of recyclables. It is our goal to have large bins, eventually, that the public will be welcome to use.

What type of paper can we recycle?

  • Copy paper (any color)
  • Envelopes
  • NCR paper
  • Magazines
  • Thin cardboard (NOT corrugated)

Do not put newsprint in the paper bin!

How do I recycle paper?

Paper bins will be emptied each night by the custodial crew as they empty the trash.

Place your paper waste in a designated box, making sure that it is obviously the recycling box (Under the desk bins will be provided in the future)

Do not put paper that has food on it in the bin.

You should keep a separate bin for items that have sensitive information and need to be shredded. Regular paper for recycling is dropped off at the recycling center for anyone to see. Paper to be shredded can be picked up and transported to the Post Office for you by placing a School Dude work order for moving or you can take it to the Post Office yourself.

Newspaper & Cardboard

Newsprint must be placed in a separate bin. At this time there is not a special bin. It is recommended that you use a clearly labeled cardboard box; copy paper case boxes are good for this.

If you receive a daily paper, schedule for regular pick-up with Rebecca Lujan at 335-6422 or

If you only have occasional newsprint, place a School Dude work order for moving to pick-up when your newspaper bin is full.

Cardboard boxes can continue to be placed outside of your offices for the custodial crew to pick-up.

How do I recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans

Each building will have strategically placed bins for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Please do not mix plastic and aluminum in the same bin.

If possible, please rinse out bottles or, especially, cans to keep the “critters” out. Flattening the plastic bottles in the middle and holding down while replacing the lid will make room for more bottles. It only takes a second and makes a big difference.

Standardized signage is available under the resources tab of this website.

Our recycling center cannot recycle plastic bags at this time. Please do not put them in the bins.

How do I recycle cell phones and print cartridges

Phi Theta Kappa is still collecting cell phones & print cartridges with boxes located at the following sites:

  • Administration:  Room 209
  • Computer Technology:  Rooms 119 and 221
  • Deaderick Hall:  Rooms 101 and 200
  • Electronic Technology:  Room 120
  • Learning Resource Center:  Circulation desk and Student Success Center
  • Sub Building”  Registrar’s Office and Student Support Services
  • Wilkerson Hall:  Rooms 102 and 227

Large cartridges should be dropped off at the Post Office.

How do I recycle batteries?

Currently, we do not have a way to recycle batteries, but we are ardently working on it. You may keep a plastic bag and save your batteries until we can get this service in place.

Recycle Bins Full?

Call the building coordinator; from there they will go through the necessary process to make sure the recycling gets emptied.


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