The CDC, “Yes, a branch of the United States Government,” has

recently released an official  Zombie Apocalypse protocol.

Find out how the Odessa College EMS Program and becoming

an EMT or Paramedic can help you survive.




1. Learn the principals of Scene Safety and how to avoid being ambushed by the walking dead.

2. Learn about the different levels of infection control and how to protect yourself from becoming just another mindless zombie.

3. A good understanding of Anatomy and Physiology will help you quickly identify the vulnerabilities of the undead menace.

4. When running from the reanimated dead accidents are bound to happen. Learn to take care of yourself and your group with advanced trauma skills.

5. Even If they don't get turned people will continue to get sick, or “freak out”.  Learn about common Medical and Psychiatric emergencies.

6. Learn to survive in the wilderness  and without utilities with your knowledge of Environmental Emergencies and Toxicology.

7. Everyone knows there is always an outbreak in the refugee camps. Avoid the camps by learning how to integrate with other  government agencies and be a part of the Incident Command Structure (ICS).

8. After the apocalypse the world will need to be repopulated, be prepared by learning about Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Childbirth.

9. Learn all the important catch phrases like, “Trauma Dead stay Dead”, and “They're not dead till they're warm and dead.”

 For more details, and other ways you can learn to survive,  

Contact the Odessa College EMS Program and