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Online Readiness Assessment

This assessment is designed to provide you with information about your possible success in an online course. For each question, select the answer that best matches your abilities.

You will be given an assessment when you click submit.

NOTE: This is an anonymous quiz and your results are not stored or reviewed.

1. How do you rate your abilities to use a keyboard and mouse?
Swift and proficient.
Fast but do have to correct mistakes.
Hunt-and-peck style on the keys.

2. Do you like to read?
I am very comfortable reading a computer screen.
I am a good reader, but also I like listening to an instructor's voice.
I prefer listening, but I would like to take a class online and not have to sit in a classroom every day.

3. How much time per week do you have available to devote to an online course?
9-12 hours per week
4-8 hours per week
0-3 hours per week

4. Do you know how to send and receive email, send and receive attachments, and download files to your computer?
I am comfortable doing email, attachments, and files.
I know how to do email and attachments.
I only know how to send an email message.

5. Are you comfortable expressing your thoughts in writing?
I am good at expressing myself in writing.
I like to write, but I can't always put what I want to say into words.
I would rather talk than have to write something down.

6. I expect to spend:
More time In my online course than in an on-ground class.
The same time in my online course as in an on-ground class.
Less time in my online course than in on an on-ground class.

7. If you experience any problems with your computer, do you know how to troubleshoot to get it operational again?
I have friends who can help.
I don't know how to troubleshoot.

8. Are you good at working independently?
I am self-motivated and work well on my own.
I don't have a problem working independently, but I do need help getting motivated.
It's hard to get motivated and work by myself.

9. Enrolling in an online course means:
I need to logon several times a week to keep up with the course.
I need to logon once a week to keep up with the course.
I need to logon the first week and the last week to keep up with the course.

10. If you had any trouble finding the information you needed for your online course, you would:
Continue to "click" around until I find what I need.
Post a message on the discussion board and ask for help.
Assume that if you can't find it, it isn't important.

11. Do you wait until the last minute and finish everything before the last day of class?
No, I am not a procrastinator. I like to do my work ahead of time so I don't have to worry about turning things in at the last minute.
I am not a procrastinator, but I do have to be reminded about deadlines.
I like to work under pressure and usually finish things at the last minute.

12. How much time would you expect to spend on group work in an online course?
40-50% of my time; I like to balance my time between individual and group work.
90-100% of my time; I like working in groups more than working by myself.
0-10% of my time; I learn best when I work on my own.

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