Cooperative Education

Program Manager:

 Sue Jones

Classroom Facilitator: 

Sharman Adkins


  Under the supervision of college faculty and a workplace supervisor, this program is designed to interrelate academic and technical course lectures and labs with on-the-job business problems, modern business practices, human relations, and job-finding techniques.

Course Topics are designed to stay current with business practices.

  • Setting Personal and Career Goals
  • Writing Resumes
  • Interview Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Communicating Non-defensively
  • Managing Your Boss

What is Cooperative Education?



Cooperative Education is one type of an external learning experience.  An external learning experience is a competency based learning experience, paid or unpaid, that enhances lecture and laboratory instruction and is provided at work sites appropriate to the discipline. The external learning experience allows the student to have practical, hands-on training and to apply learned concepts and theories in a workplace setting.

Cooperative Education is a joint effort of the student, the educational institution and the participating employer.  Students enrolled in Cooperative Education apply practical work experience to classroom knowledge and theory and gain a fuller understanding of their chosen career fields.  Sponsoring businesses have the opportunity to supervise and evaluate enthusiastic college students while meeting company employment needs.


Faculty Coordinator Responsibilities

Cooperative Education faculty coordinators are interested in assisting students in gaining practical work experience within their chosen discipline.

  • Assist student in the development of five competency based goals and objectives.

  • Conduct two site visits to the student's place of employment, get Training Station Agreement and Employer Evaluation signed and submitted to CE office.

  • Be available to students on an as needed basis.

  • Submit a final evaluation of the student and a grade recommendation for each assigned student.


Student Responsibilities


Cooperative Education students are aware of the advantages of having practical work experience in their chosen field of endeavor.  CE students are committed to getting the most from their educational experience through the experiential learning process.  Students may be full-time or part-time and must do the following to receive credit and a final grade for their cooperative education experience:

 Successfully fulfill job requirements.

  • Accrue a minimum of 320 hours worked in their Cooperative Education training station.
  • Turn in a timesheet
  • Attend 16 hours of life/work skills seminars
  • Develop and submit five goals and objectives to the CE office.
  • Participate in two site visits conducted by faculty coordinator.
  • Submit a final reaction paper.

Employer Responsibilities


Cooperative Education employers/supervisors are interested in meeting company employment and productivity goals by hiring and supporting Cooperative Education students.  They are interested in strengthening the company's relationship with the community and hope to be part of a student's professional growth.

  • Assistant student in development of five goals and objectives during the term of employment.
  • Participate in initial and final site visit with student and faculty coordinator.
  • Support the student during the duration of his/her employment and insure that he/she gains experience and learns as much as possible within practical limits.
  • Sign timesheet.
  • Submit a final evaluation at the end of the co-op semester.
  • Communicate any program or student difficulties to the faculty coordinator.


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