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Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Education for Life!

The mission of the Odessa College Physical and Health Education Department is to introduce and promote the fundamentals of holistic, life-long wellness concepts based on currently accepted exercise science guidelines and offer a complete curriculum that helps prepare students academically and physically for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors.

Physical education is the sum of all those changes that take place in individuals as the result of movement experience.

The principle objectives of this department are as follows: (1) to develop the student's neuromuscular skill and organic system through movement experiences; (2) to increase the students knowledge, insight, understanding and interest in movement experiences; (3) to improve the student's recreational and leisure-time skills as well as their standards of behavior in these selected movement areas.

Since movement is the medium through which this department achieves its objectives, students have several opportunities to select those movement experiences that will best contribute to their well-being, their leisure-time skills and to their total educational development. The Kinesiology and Exercise Science department offers two options for the associate degree.

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