Modern Facilities and Equipment

Located in the Instructional Building on the west side of the campus, the Odessa College Photography Program features complete and modern facilities with the latest in equipment necessary for learning photography as a profession.

The facilities include two studios equipped with state of the art cameras and lighting for portraiture and small product photography.
The digital lab has 14 ApplePro Macs, state of the art film and flatbed scanners and professional printers. The darkrooms have 25 enlargers to accommodate formats from 35mm to 8x10 negatives.

Flexible Scheduling

The labs are open afternoons and evenings with flexible scheduling for people with jobs and families. All day classes operate on an "open lab" basis, with lectures offered weekday mornings and lab work completed at any time during the afternoon "open lab" schedule. Each photo course requires four to six lab hours per week.

All night courses combine lectures and labs.

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