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Odessa College offers one of the most complete and diversified photography programs in Texas. Designed to train students in all aspects of professional photography, the curriculum leads to a two-year, associate degree. Students not wanting to pursue an A.A.S. degree can take specified courses and earn a certificate of completion in one year. Students not planning to enter the field of photography as a profession can enroll in classes to enhance their appreciation and knowledge of photography.

Upon graduation students work as entry-level studio assistants, photographers, and photographic lab technicians. They work in business offices, newspaper offices, magazine companies and also as freelancers. All students gain practical experience and improve their portfolios. Many students enroll in classes to enhance their appreciation and knowledge of all aspects of photography.

Job aspects are rated stable. Opportunities exist in a variety of fields, including business, newspapers, magazines, and elsewhere. Many graduates open businesses or work for other photographers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary for photographers is $32,800. Local salaries will vary.


1st Place Stephen Houston

2nd Place Melissa Flanagan

3rd Place Thelma Pilley

West Texas: A Sense of Place Gallery Options Gallery Nov. 4 - Dec. 12, 2013
TPS Gallery http://www.texasphoto.org/contests/westtexas/webgallery/

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