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Application Information

If you are interested in joining Upward Bound you can receive an application from your school counselor or by contacting our program. (Click here for contact information) You will need assistance from your parents, teachers, and counselors to fill out the application material to ensure all forms are completed properly.  Once you complete the application packet, turn it in to your school counselor.  Your school counselor will notify us when the application packet is ready to be picked up.

Or click below to download each form of our application packet. 

All forms must be turned in to be considered for the program.            (Adobe Reader is needed to view files)

1. Student Checklist

2.  Application Form

3.  Emergency Medical Background Information

4.  Release of Academic Records

5.  Student Pledge

6.  Teacher Recommendation Form (Need two of these)

7.  Counselor Recommendation Form


If you have any questions or comments email ybarreno@odessa.edu.