2002 One-Act Play Contest

Region 1 AAA

The One-Act Play 
Contest is held at:
Odessa College
Deaderick Hall Auditorium
201 W. University
Odessa TX  79762
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Director's Meeting: The Director's meeting is scheduled for 7:30pm on Thursday, April 18th after the last rehearsal.

We provide:
1) Limited number of Stage Weights
2) 2 Outlet Strips & 2 Extension Cords (25')
3) Basic Tools for on the spot repairs
4) Colored Spike Tape
5) Small Table for Backstage usage (sound, misc)
6) Unit Set - 	2 - 4x8 platforms
		2 - 4x4 platforms
		2 - 4x1 ramps
		2 - 4x1 steps
		2 - 2x1 steps
		2 - 8x1 pylons
		2 - 6x1 pylons
		2 - 4x1 pylons
		4 - 1x1 pylons/cubes/steps
		4 - bi-fold flats
		4 - tri-fold flats
		1 - door unit




Stage Info: Click Here for the Stage Diagram

Measurements from front edge to back wall is 37' overall :
      5' Stage edge to Main Drapes (red)
     12' Main Drapes to Middle Traveler (gold)
     15' Middle Traveler to Back Curtain (black)
      5' Back Curtain to Wall

Measurements from side wall to side wall is ??' overall :
     ??' North wall (unit set storage) to North side legs
     ??' North side legs to South side legs (stage proper)
     ??' South side legs to South wall (curtain pulls) 
Blue crossover lights behind back black curtain.

Electrical outlets on both sides and the on back wall.

Click Here for pictures of the Auditorium and Stage Area

Lighting Info: Lighting assistance provided by contest staff in Booth at back of auditorium.
The Light board will be manually operated.
Standard Six Area Plot
Blue and Red wash available
Blue crossover lights behind the back black curtain

Storage: A secured storage space is available and is shared by all plays.  Each play will have an area roughly 10' x 10' to store items overnight.  The storage area will not be accessable between the end of rehearsals and your setup time.  If you need items during dressing and warm-up times or overnight, take them with you after rehearsal. 

Misc: Rehearsals:  Each school has one (1) hour for rehearsal on Thursday, April 18th.  Rehearsal times are scheduled in reverse order of distance to travel (closest school first, farthest school last).  Initial access for rehearsal is through a loading dock on the North side of the auditorium.  College personnel will assist in bringing heavy items in through the loading dock as needed..  Strike at the end of rehearsal will move out the back of the auditorium into a storage area.  Schools will then be shown location of  the building facilities including storage, dressing rooms, restrooms, etc.

Dressing Rooms:  Two dressing areas will be made available on a hot swap basis.  College personnel will escort each school from their dressing area to storage and then to the setup area.  See schedule for room assignment and available times.  Please note that your contest is scheduled during our normal college class day.  There are classes in progress during your warm-up time.  Please keep the sound levels down in the dressing area and in the halls.  If you need to be loud warming up, take it outside.

Performance:  Performance order is determined by a random draw.  We will run three plays in the morning and three plays in the afternoon with a break for lunch.  Performances will begin no earlier than the published start times.  Access to the auditorium will not be allowed during a performance.

Set/Strike:  Set will begin at the rear stage door (access from storage).  The college crew will assist in handing out the Unit set during set.  Strike will be off the north side and out the stage loading dock as needed. The college crew will assist in stacking the Unit set during strike and in moving heavy items out the loading dock doors. 

Contest Manager:


Chuck Everett                           
Odessa College                          
home 915-366-4892
work 915-335-6664
fax    915-335-6846

Judge: Keith West
Sul Ross State University