Professional Office Skills

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147 hours, 14.7 CEU’s, $746

These classes may be taken together for program certificate or individually as needed. Reading requirement of 342 or higher.

Introduction to General Office Skills

39 Hours, 3.9 CEU’s

Introduction to basic office skills. Students will learn an general overview of office operations.

Instructor: Debbie Rich

POFT 1022-101 Sept 6-22 M-Th 6-9:30pm GWH 124

Workplace Communications

32 Hours, 3.2 CEU

Communication skills as applicable to individuals or groups in the workplace. Includes skills in listening, writing, and verbal/non-verbal communications. Students will learn professional communication skills including: active listening, business writing, professional language, telephone and email usage and interpersonal skills.

Instructor: Debbie Rich

BMGT 1022-102 Sept 26-Oct 10 M-Th 6-9:30pm  GWH 124

 Keyboarding Skills

12 Hours, 1.2 CEU’s

Skill development in keyboarding.

Instructor: Debbie Rich

POFT 1010-102 Oct 10-13 M-Th 6-10pm GWH 126

Introduction to Computers: Computer Applications I

24 Hours, 2.4 CEU’s

The class is an introduction to two of the software in the MS Office software suite: Word and PowerPoint. Students will learn the tools common to these and other MS programs, as well as processes such as creating, saving and editing files; formatting, text management; and inserting objects. This class assumes that students have some familiarity with computers, including an understanding of hardware, the operating system, and file management.

Instructor: Debbie Rich

ITSC 1022-108 Oct 17-Oct 27 M-Th 6-9pm DH 138

Email & Calendaring Software

16 hours, 1.6 CEU’s

An introduction to e-mail and calendaring software as a desktop information management tool. Students will learn all aspects of Microsoft Outlook including, email, calendar and tasks.

Instructor: Debbie Rich

ITSW 1030-101 Oct 31-Nov 8 M-Th 6-9pm DH 138

Introduction to Customer Service

24 Hours, 2.4 CEU’s

Introduction of techniques to create excellent customer service. Students will learn the impact customer service has on a business. Dealing with challenging customers, problem solving and resolution will be a strong focus for this class.

Instructor: Debbie Rich

MRKG 1000-101 Nov 9-Nov 22 M-Th 6-9pm GWH 124