STEM Success Center


Our STEM Success Center staff will be available at the LRC for the Summer.

The Odessa College STEM Success Center is a learning centered institute for Math and Science located in Wood Math and Science building, room 201. The center is a quiet and comfortable environment. For one-on-one tutoring click here for more information.


“MyMathLab” powered by Course Compass has a built-in resource including:

  • An online textbook
  • Video lecture
  • Study plans
  • “View an Example”
  • “Help me solve this”
  • Click here for MyMathLab setup instructions

Mathematic textbooks and calculators are available for students to use in the center. Math Lab hours must be done in the Math Success Center.

Our Quality Enhancement Plan is “GEMS” whereas developmental students may gain essential math skills through immediate access with our tutors. 

For more information contact:

STEM Success Center 

Main Phone Number: 432-335-6537


Location: Woods Math and Science Building, Room 201