Odessa College Tutoring Services

Tutoring is conducted by appointment (highly recommended for guaranteed time) or by walk-in. Appointments can be scheduled, changed or cancelled in advance.

Please contact the following OC Success Centers for on campus tutoring and/or online tutoring services:


Writing Success Center:  WHS 106, ph. # 335-6562, email: writingcenter@odessa.edu

Our Writing Success Center staff will be available at the LRC for Maymester.
STEM Success Center: WMS 201, ph. # 335-6537, email: stemsc@odessa.edu

Our STEM Success Center staff will be available at the LRC for the Summer.

Learning Resources Center: LRC Building, ph.#335-6640, email: lrc@odessa.edu

Our Learning Resources Center staff are available year around.

Blackboard Collaborate (BBC)

Online tutoring services are available through Blackboard Collaborate. Students can contact any our Centers by email or phone to setup an online appointment.  An email will be sent with a link for the students to connect to their session.

For minimum system requirement click on this link: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Moderator/Get_Started/Browser_Support 

For an introduction to Blackboard Collaborate click on Blackboard Collaborate Tutorial

Reasons to Seek Tutoring

If you follow the suggestions below this will help you succeed in your courses.

  • Students should immediately seek tutoring when understanding of course material becomes difficult.
  • Students should not wait until the last minute to seek assistance from a tutor.
  • The tutoring process is most beneficial when pressing time constraints and deadlines are not an immediate concern.
  • Tutors can be helpful to students who are satisfied with their academic performance.
  • Tutors can assist students with preparing for tests, editing papers, and improving study skills.
  • Students falling behind in their coursework are encouraged to seek assistance from a Center tutor.
  • Tutors can set realistic goals for students and assist them with achieving their goals.
  • Instructors and academic advisors often refer students to the tutoring services offered by the Centers.

Students who receive such referrals are strongly encouraged to follow the advice of their instructors or academic advisors. These referrals are made by these professionals because tutoring works, and they know it!

Student’s Responsibilities in the Tutoring Process

  • Students provide the tutor with all necessary materials such as textbooks, class notes, handouts, etc. It is the responsibility of the students to provide the material for the tutoring session. 
  • Students need to attempt to complete assignments to the best of their ability before seeking tutoring.
  • All reading assignments should be read by the student completely before the tutoring session begins. It is unreasonable to expect a tutor to teach a course to a student.
  • The student needs to do his/her part by attending class regularly, taking notes, reading assigned material, and attempting to complete assignments before the tutoring session.
  • Tutors will guide students in finding their own answers, solutions and/or conclusions.
  • The tutor’s primary purpose is to guide the student in comprehending the coursework, provide feedback to the student, and assist the student with related study skills.
  • Students need to play an active role in determining what course of action is best for themselves.

The Centers promotes personal responsibility by having students play an active role in their tutoring appointments. Tutoring sessions generally last for one hour each. However, the student and the tutor will mutually determine what is best for the student concerning the frequency and duration of tutoring sessions.