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Please read before submitting a Creative Request: Due to the volume of requests we ask that you allow 2 weeks, (10 business days) for production of graphics, approval, and any printing of creative materials. This does not include holidays or weekends. This is to ensure that deadlines are met and our workflow is efficient.

When detailing information please include a hard deadline rather than as soon as possible or ASAP. This helps us better navigate our workload to ensure that all requests are fulfilled in a timely manner. You must include all pertinent information in your request or email a word document to the marketing staff with the information even if you have discussed the project previously with a marketing team member. This ensures communication stays consistent and the information will be uploaded into our project management system for our team to view.

If you have any questions please contact Frank Rich ( or Matt Plummer ( We look forward to working with you on your project!

Creative Services Request Form

All materials and services dependent on budget and approval through OC Marketing and Communications Department. You must have Departmental / Supervisor approval before submission.

Please provide at least 2 weeks (10 business days) for completion on projects.

Department / Division:
Your Name:
Today's Date:
Requested Completion Date:
 (Please provide at least 2 weeks (10 business days) for completion on projects.)

 I am providing enough lead time (2 weeks, 10 business days) for the completion of this project.

Project Description

(Please provide essential materials via email attachment or in person to Matt Plummer at and Sam Rodriguez at

Materials Requested

(Check all that apply. If you need an item not listed check other and describe.)


11" x 17" Poster


27" x 42" Poster




8.5" x 11" Flyers


Newspaper Ad




Brochure / Pamphlet


Event Program


Yard Signs


Other (Please Describe):

Digital / Social Media:

Logo (Provided on limited basis)

Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Timeline / Instagram / Twitter Image

OC Homepage Slider Image (Provided on limited basis)

Wrangler Vision Screens

Email Compatible Graphic

Digital Signs (Provided on limited basis, VP Approval Signature REQUIRED)

Digital Signage Request Signature Form

University / Andrews
Williams Hall
OC Sports Center


Other (Please Describe):

Other Services:

Videography / Filming Needed (Provided on limited basis and on an extended timeline. Video projects will need a creative consultation meeting to confirm completion timeline)


Request for Creative Consultation Meeting (Recommended for large projects and Required for Video projects)


Creative Services Flow Chart


Matt Plummer
Graphic Design and Web Specialist
Office: Admin 211A
Phone: 432.335.6838

Sam Rodriguez
Graphic Design and Web Specialist
Office: Admin 211A
Phone: 432.335.6838