Computer Science

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The computer science curriculum provides students with course work comparable to the first two years for a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The ACM curricula recommendations for computer science (2001) serve as the basis for this area of study. Course work introduces students to the concept of a program and techniques of good program design, to internal data representations and common data structures, to elementary mathematics associated with computer systems and to a working knowledge of a high level programming language, and assembly programming language. The following curriculum in computer science has been designed as a guide for those students wishing to prepare for a bachelor’s degree in computer science. A student studying computer science should contact the department chair for the first semester to get a degree plan. 


Computer Science Courses 

Course of Study for Associate in Science Degree – Computer Science

Degree Plan Samples: 


Kelby Giesler-Davis
Department Chair
Office: Sedate Hall 209
Phone: (432) 335-6454

Al Forte
Associate Professor I Computer Science
Office: Health Sciences Building (HSB) 120C
Phone: 432.335.6571

Dawit Lakew
Associate Professor II Computer Science
Office: Health Sciences Building (HSB) 120A
Phone: 432.335.6326

Daya Sharma  (PhD)
Associate Professor II Computer Network Technology
Office: Health Sciences Building (HSB) 120D
Phone: 432.335.6436