Graduation at Odessa College

Graduates, your cap and gown has been RESERVED for you!  One cap & gown set is FREE to graduates who qualify and commit to participating in the ceremony. Contact the Graduation Advisor or your Program Chair (DRI) to learn more.

Odessa College confers degrees and certificates in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters

A Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony is held twice a year in May and December.  Students completing degree requirements during the fall or midwinter are invited to participate in the fall graduation ceremony. Students who complete requirements in the spring, Maymester, or summer terms are invited to participate in the spring graduation ceremony unless unusual circumstances prevent such participation.

Students working toward a degree or certificate should consult with their Student Success Coach and faculty advisor early in their academic career to ensure that all required courses are being completed. The student is responsible for reviewing Student Planner (through Web Advisor) to track their academic progress.

Before You Confirm Your Graduation

  • Consult with your School's Completion Coordinator or Student Success Coach to ensure you are:
    • Listed in correct program and catalog year
    • Have completed or are registered for all courses
    • Confirming for the appropriate graduation term
  • Verify your mailing address in Student Planner User Profile

Graduation Deadlines

While we do not have an actual deadline for graduation, students must confirm their graduation in Student Planner at least six weeks prior to the commencement date, as listed on the academic calendar, to have their names listed in the program.

A graduation status email is sent to each eligible graduate to notify of holds, honors status, and lacking courses.  Students MUST clear all holds and have completed all requirements to receive a diploma or certificate. 

Important Dates

19/SP Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for May 10 and 11, 2019.  The location will be: Ector County Coliseum on Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Your personalized email from the Graduation Advisor will tell you which time your ceremony will be held. Graduates need to arive one hour prior to the ceremony start time.

To have your name in the program, confirm your graduation by April 12, 2019.

CONFIRM Your Graduation Information Here (Student Planner)

Diploma Delivery

Students who have completed a certificate or degree will receive an email once the credential has been conferred and the diploma is available for pick up. This may be 2-3 weeks after the graduation ceremony. Students will sign in to the Wrangler Express Center with a photo ID to receive their diploma, or they may request it to be mailed.

All holds must be cleared to receive a diploma or certificate. For financial holds, please contact Student Accounts at (432) 335-6407.


Email the Graduation Advisor at or call 432-335-6404.