Performance Assessment Network (PAN)

PAN is the leading provider of talent measurement solutions helping organizations of all sizes hire, develop and retain the right talent. Their suite of industry-leading technologies and assessment tools offers clients a one-stop shop assessment experience.

 OC administers the PAN as a service to the community and surrounding area, but the Testing Center does not set policy, fees or test requirements for PAN. Please contact PAN directly if you have questions concerning the test, or visit the website for additional information. For more information please visit

Testing Center Tips:

  1. All exam/I-9 appointments are scheduled through the requesting agency.
  2. The Testing Center is located in the SPUR Building, Suite 150.
  3. All test candidates should be prepared to present a current photo ID for verification purposes during the check-in process.
  4. You will be provided a locker to store your personal items when completing your exam.
  5. We welcome you to park in any WHITE or YELLOW parking space located in the lot to the left of the Administration Building.
  6. Those licensed to carry a firearm are encouraged to leave them securely locked in your vehicle.