Wrangler Portal

Wrangler Portal

Click HERE to Login to the Wrangler Portal

Wrangler Portal serves as a gateway to access all Odessa College student information including:
  • Student Planner: Plan your degree, register for classes and check your grades. You can also monitor your pace and progress toward your degree in preparation for graduation; 
  • Financial Aid: Determine the status of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), check for missing documents, and verify the amount of financial aid that has been awarded; 
  • Transcripts: Request a mailed transcript to be sent to a college or university, to an employer, or to yourself; for electronic transcripts, please Click Here
  • Tax Information: Access your 1098-T form before you file your taxes.
  • Update Contact Information: Click Here to learn how to update your phone and email address.

Wrangler Portal is a service for OC students, faculty, staff and friends. All access to individual information is secure through use of a User ID and Password.

(Default login: lower case First Initial, lower case Last Initial, Id.No no leading zeros)
(Default passwd: oc + last4ssn)

If you are having trouble logging in, you can contact 432-335-6400 for help regenerating your password.